Hunting around Cape Town and the Western Cape

Hunting around Cape Town and the Western Cape

Guided Hunts

Experience the Western Cape on foot. World renowned for its biodiversity, this area is endowed with an abundance of bird, animal and plant life. The terrain ranges from rugged mountains to semi-desert Karoo, dune thickets to Fynbos, grassy wetlands to forests. A kaleidoscope of spectacular wild beauty and contrasts.

Stalk the shy and ever elusive Vaal Rhebuck, with its soft, grey, rabbit like hair and snow white tail, visible only in flight. Easily identified by the oversized pitch black nose and enormous ears, and one of the trickiest of all South African antelope to stalk.

Follow a magnificent Fallow Dear Stag in rut. Hear the roars and responses from fellow suitors, in full battleship colours. Stalk downwind and out of sight, from the ever alert hinds, and edge closer while he moves in and around his harem.

Pick up the early morning tracks of an Eland bull or slog it out after a moving herd. A monster bull in the mix. Maintain your pace to keep up with the herd or leopard crawl into position for a shot on this huge framed animal, the largest antelope in South Africa.

These are but a few encounters of the wonderful animals of the Western Cape.

A Hunting Safari from Cape Town will present you with experiences, seen nowhere else in the world. And the proximity to Cape Town International Airport make all travelling very accessible

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