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Hunting around Cape Town and the Western Cape

Guided Hunts

Experience the Western Cape on foot. World renowned for its biodiversity, this area is endowed with an abundance of bird, animal and plant life. The terrain ranges from rugged mountains to semi-desert Karoo, dune thickets to Fynbos, grassy wetlands to forests. A kaleidoscope of spectacular wild beauty and contrasts.

Stalk the shy and ever elusive Vaal Rhebuck, with its soft, grey, rabbit like hair and snow white tail, visible only in flight. Easily identified by the oversized pitch black nose and enormous ears, and one of the trickiest of all South African antelope to stalk.

Follow a magnificent Fallow Dear Stag in rut. Hear the roars and responses from fellow suitors, in full battleship colours. Stalk downwind and out of sight, from the ever alert hinds, and edge closer while he moves in and around his harem.

Pick up the early morning tracks of an Eland bull or slog it out after a moving herd. A monster bull in the mix. Maintain your pace to keep up with the herd or leopard …

Guided Hunts Landscapes Gallery

Wildlife offers extraordinary hunting opportunities and photography of the natural beauty of the Western Cape, presenting breathtaking images for your personal collection on safari. We place you in fantastic hunting surroundings during your safari.

The vistas in the Western Cape are difficult to describe. Early morning mists shrouding entire mountain ranges and landscapes. The patchwork of colours in the farmlands, the spectacular Proteas and delicate Erica's. The raucous call of the Hadeda Ibis and the stealthy stalk of Grey Heron after a small reptile. A herd of Eland moving slowly through a sea of pink fynbos. The scream of a Fish Eagle. These are but a taste of what you will experience in a days outing.

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Accommodation during your hunting Safari from Cape Town

Our core hunting area is in close proximity to Hermanus, an area known as the Overberg.
Accommodation is determined by your choice of Safari and can be personalised.
Hermanus is little more than an hour’s drive from Cape Town International Airport.

Guests wanting to base themselves and their families in Hermanus have a choice ranging from luxury 5 star accommodation to comfortable self catering apartments. Families can explore Hermanus, the jewel of the Overberg, and all that it offers, while the hunters are out in the wilderness.

Alternatively, you may choose to stay within your hunting area, where we offer luxury lodges or simple well equipped cottages. All farm accommodation is unique, some are on the edges of huge dams, others overlook farmlands and some are hidden deep within hunting areas.

These are wonderful retreats, for those trying to get away from the bustle of civilisation, and wishing to experience the warm hospitality of our rural areas.

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Cape Town Hunting and Safari Rates

Hunting Safaris are specifically tailored to suit your individual and personal requirements. I will advise you on the length of stay, depending on your choice of species, neccessary for a successful outcome.

Guests arriving at Cape Town International Airport will be whisked out to the hunting areas, and experience the magnificent beauty of the Western Cape and its varied wildlife.

I take great pleasure in hosting Hunting Safaris in true walk and stalk style, as it should be experienced by a true hunter.

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Hunting in the Western Cape and Cape Town Surrounds

Western Cape Hunting areas offer infinite variety; from Mountain Fynbos to Coastal Renosterveld; Spekboom Thickets to Grassy Fynbos; Succulent Karroo to Mountainous Valleys.

Stalking in these areas is extremely challenging. The numerous game birds and waterfowl will give your position away at any moment. You will experience the extraordinary ability of game to sense an intruder in their midst. Ostrich have an uncanny knack of spotting an interloper miles away, and will hurtle straight towards the hunted quarry. With a flick of a tail and crashing sound, your target will disappear through bush, over a mountain, into a dense valley.

Hear the early morning call of a Grey Wing partridge or the bark of a male Baboon, all these forge a lifetime of memories as you appreciate nature at its best.

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Hunting Safaris from Cape Town

Hunting Safaris and packages from Cape Town and surrounding areas form the core focus of our hunting areas.

The Western Cape is one of the most bio diverse areas in South Africa. Mountains, wetlands, grasslands and Karoo make up just some of these areas.

Our map indicates your potential hunting grounds, and its close proximity to Cape Town and Cape Town International Airport make it very accessible.

You have access to 150,000 acres of privately owned farmland and reserves.

Kudu and Oryx are found both on the West Coast, a mere hour or so from Cape Town and the Little Karoo, both animals favouring the more arid areas. The little Karoo is one of our further destinations and is about 5 hours travel by vehicle from Cape Town. There is however, a landing strip on the area if you prefer a quick flight in a charter plane!

The elusive Vaal Rhebuck is found in the heart of the Overberg where we focus our hunts. This area is about an hour and a half from Cape Town International Airport

The best hunti…